Bacher has been selected to provide uniforms to more than 7000 employees of Thomas Cook Group Airlines. We will make sure that the Cabin Crew from Belfast to Berlin and Billund to Brussels will look uniformly identical. Read the full article from Thomas Cook Group here


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The new uniform, which is currently being rolled in the UK for official launch in February, comes from a brand new supplier. It will be the first time that Cabin Crew from Belfast to Berlin and Billund to Brussels will look uniformly identical across the Group ensuring our customers recognise Thomas Cook Group Airlines crew wherever they fly from.

And the brand new, hi-tech, high-touch smart device will give our crew the tools they need to do the job in the 21st century. In this Flying eNews new uniform/new smart device special edition, we will bring you everything you need to know about the new uniform. What it looks like. What it feels like. And when to expect it on board. And everything you need to know about the new smart device.

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“It’s my first year at Thomas Cook Airlines and I’m proud to wear the uniform as it is. Getting a new one to align us with the Group will make us feel part of something much bigger.” Adam O’Brien, Cabin Crew, Thomas Cook Airlines UK

”I love my uniform, since it is part of my profession and follows a long tradition of aviation apparel. The uniform is very classy  through the royal blue in combination with the golden stripes and represents me in a very elegant way. Having been unshaped and bulky for decades, nowadays my uniform has a feminine cut, especially the single-breasted suits. Wearing it gives me a good feeling and makes me proud every single day.” Katharina Bickerle, Senior First Officer, Condor

“The uniform is what identifies us to our customers so getting it right is very important. It’ll be great to have a brand new one so we’re all – old crew and new – uniform in our appearance as that will really make us stand out” Sophie Ringland, Cabin Crew, Thomas Cook Airlines UK

“I am really looking forward to get the new uniform. The uniform looks very elegant and “uniform-like”, as a uniform should be. A uniform we can be proud of :) I am also glad that we keep Bacher as our supplier, they have always delivered in good quality. And with the new uniform it might be even better.” Mattias Wackerfeldt, Senior Cabin Crew Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia


The new Group uniform has been given the thumbs up by cabin crew and pilots. Chief Airlines Officer Christoph Debus has announced that the Group-wide uniform will be rolled out across all our markets from the new year. Group Director of Cabin Services, Uwe Balser, and Group Director of Flight Ops, Paul Hutchings, said the announcement has been welcomed by crew and pilots.

Uwe said: ”I have spoken to a lot of crew members who embrace the idea of us being one large virtual airline. They want us to celebrate that fact by looking like one airline. Our aircraft have undergone a huge makeover to make them look uniform. From next year, no matter where our passengers are flying from, our cabin crew and pilots will also look uniform.” ”This is a very exciting step in the huge transition process that we are currently undergoing. It sends a clear message to our customers,” Uwe added: “We have the best cabin crew and pilots in the industry – this new uniform will ensure that they look like the best in the industry.” 

Paul Hutchings said the Group uniform team had worked hard to deliver the project. He said: ”The project team has done a fantastic job turning this around as quickly as they have. They have not only had to get agreement on a uniform, but also find a provider who could deliver the quality we need. ”They have achieved their aim and I would like to thank each of them,” he said: ”A great project team has delivered a great uniform for our great airline.”


A new supplier will be manufacturing Thomas Cook Group Airlines’new uniform.

Bacher has been selected to provide the Group with the quality new uniforms following a full tendering process. 

The uniform is produced with high quality materials, to a high standard and with a unique, stylish look. Martin Andreason, spokesman for Bacher said: ”At Bacher we have clothed our customers since 1897 in customised workwear, safety footwear and uniforms produced by our uniform company Webmore A/S. We make it easy to clothe entire companies, organisations and industries for any task and all kinds of work. When it must be the same. When it must be practical. When it must be safe. When it must reflect your profile. When it must be elegant. When it must fit everyone. When it must be professional and when you need a little bit of everything.”

”Based in Denmark, Bacher Work Wear is a global company with customers worldwide,” the spokesman added. 

Thomas Cook Airlines Group uniform project leader, Christine Berger-Danzinger, said Bacher was selected after a stringent tendering process. Christine said: ”A number of suppliers went through the process of tendering for the privilege of being the new uniform supplier to Thomas Cook Airlines and Condor. We inspected every aspect of what each company could supply us and Bacher came out on top in terms of the top quality that we are looking for.”

”We are delighted with the detailed quality of the uniform that Bacher is supplying us and I know that our crew colleagues in all our markets will be equally pleased,” Christine added.


TCA Delivery in numbers


Christine Berger-Danzinger – Project leader

“Our project was launched with the goal to unify the uniform for all crew members in the Group Airlines. Our objectives were to ensure crew satisfaction and positive appearance, but keeping in mind the individual country regulations and unions’ requirements. Instead of designing a complete new uniform we came to the conclusion to base the uniform on Condor’s current uniform design and quality. The uniform is a very emotional factor for cabin and cockpit crews and acts as a contributor to crew engagement, motivation and is the business card of our Group Airlines. The differences of culture are the challenge in our project – but it helps us growing together as one team.”

Michaela Bebbington – Regional Manager based in MAN

“When asked to be involved in heading up the new uniform project from the UK side, I knew it was going to be no mean task to measure up all our cabin and flight crew. A vast amount of work has gone on behind the scenes to ensure that all our cabin crew and pilots are being rostered to attend a uniform fitting to ensure that in early 2017 they will receive a new uniform that fits well, looks smart and one they can be proud to wear.”

Margaret Wilson-Savage – Flight Crew Manager UK based in MAN

“I’ve really enjoyed working on the Group uniform project and it’s a great opportunity for me to work with colleagues across the Group airline. It seems like this project has been a work in progress for some time, but the end is in sight and I hope our crew will find it was worth the wait. We now have a great uniform supplier we can trust who are going to provide a high quality, well fitted uniform our crew can be proud to wear.”

Odd Johnsrud – Cabin Based Supervisor and Senior Cabin Crew Member TCAS based in OSL 

“I am Head of the Scandinavian Uniform Group, working closely with our uniform supplier, Bacher and I have been part of the uniform project team from the very start. I am very pleased with the new uniform as it reflects the company, both in terms of style/design and quality. The uniform has a timeless design, fits well, has a range of different items and is a very classy look. We look forward to implementing it in Scandinavia in the near future.”

Sharon Wroe – Regional Manager based in MAN

“I was really keen to become involved with the new uniform project, especially as the Company had invested so much in improving the interior of the aircrafts, we could now work on a quality uniform to complement it. Bacher the chosen supplier have worked closely with us right from the start of the project to ensure quality fabrics have been sourced to provide the same look, feel and quality as the uniform our colleagues are currently wearing in Condor.”

Monika Amata – Cabin Based Supervisor and Senior Cabin Crew Member TCAB based in BRU

“I am very proud to work on this project because the uniform is an essential part of our job as a member of Cabin Crew. It means that the Thomas Cook Airlines brand is recognisable and represents the Group Airlines across the whole world. Another great advantage is that there is a large choice of good quality items for our cabin crews and I look forward to work with our new supplier, Bacher, very soon.”