Following our acquisition of Four Danes A/S we have decided to expand our capacity and begun operations in our new global logistic headquarters.


It has been a busy time, but now it is settled and official – we are merging our newly acquired logistic partner Four Danes A/S with our own logistic department. Bacher Work Wear A/S decided to invest in new larger facilities located on Fyn in Denmark. Our new logistic center covers more than 6,000 square meters with state of the art technology and enough space to accommodate the company’s continuous growth.

Good news for our customers

While much will stay the same – same employees, same level of service, high accuracy on deliveries and guaranteed high quality - Four Danes A/S will change name to Bacher Logistics A/S. After a few weeks of putting things on their right spot, the move to the new address Blangstedgårdsvej 66A was final in the beginning of April 2017.


The 6000 square meters also include office space and a large show room.

Bacher Logistic 1   Bacher Logistic 2

Bacher Logistic 3 Suits   Bacher Logistic 3 ude